5 Unique Ways to Use Solar Screen Material

If you’re familiar with window screen, you may have a few window screen frames installed in your home. While it’s primarily used to help deflect the sun’s heat away from homes, solar screen offers so many other possibilities. With a little creative thinking, you can use solar screen to bring comfort to many unique locations around your home and elsewhere! If you have leftover solar screen material after building or repairing window screen frames in your home, the following uses are excellent ways to use the rest. You may even find that you wish to order more solar screen material rolls just to try these heat-reducing methods!

  1. Gazebo & Pergolas

Gazebos and pergolas are excellent locations to install solar screen material. While they’re wonderful for spending time outdoors in the shade, you still have to deal with the heat. In some cases, the summer days in your region may be excruciatingly warm. If you own a gazebo, use solar screen material for the window screens. This will reduce the amount of unwanted heat as well as the annoyance of sun glare. For pergolas, you can cover the top with solar screen material to deflect the heat and glare. To secure it, use a staple gun to fasten it to the pergola’s beams.

  1. Beach Tents

Headed to the beach? If you spend hours on end on the sand, you may prefer setting up a tent as your family’s “base.” Complete with snacks, water, music, and more, tents act as a central hub out of the sun after you and the family are ready to take a timeout from playing in the ocean or on the beach. You can keep your space underneath the tent nice and cool when you hang up a cut piece of solar screen. This will easily cut down on the day’s heat and glare. Another great benefit here is that solar screen offers daytime privacy, so you can relax more comfortably without other beach-goers nosing around. Even when you’re not on the beach and using your tent at tailgates or campsites, solar screen can really come in handy to help manage heat and add more privacy for you, your family, and friends.

  1. Car Screens

Keep your car nice and cool by cutting solar screen to fit your windows. This is perfect for your backseat, especially if you have kids in car seats. When your child gets overheated in their car seat, they’ll start to get cranky, which is a problem if you can’t pull over to resolve the issue. The screen will help keep them comfortable during the commute, cutting down on the heat entering the car and the glare in their eyes. To make your own car solar screens, measure your windows and then cut the screen material to the appreciate length and width. Then, you can fasten suction cups to the screen. This way, you can use your new car solar screens as needed.

  1. Household Skylights

Do you have a skylight in your home? Maybe you have one in your bedroom or bathroom that takes on daytime sun, making that particular room a little warm. You can screen these windows despite their smaller size. Doing so will cut down on unwanted heat in your home and may even contribute to a decrease in your energy bill. It will also help with fading and sun damage, as skylights with no screen allow UV rays in that will damage décor and flooring. 

  1. Enclosed Porches & Patios

Do you have window screen installed on your enclosed porch or patio? You may have a few windows that have blinds, but no window screens. You can easily find pre-built window screen frames or DIY kits that use solar screen material. Installing these will immediately made your porch or patio more inhabitable during the summer. Not only will it feel cooler, but you can relax at ease with your friends or family thanks to the provided daytime privacy. While you’ll be able to clearly see out, others (like neighbors) won’t be able to see in.

Simply put, solar screen is a can-do material that offers a plethora of uses outside of mere window screen frames. When purchased in rolls, you can easily screen your home and use the remaining material to use for some or all of the above! You’ll love the effective cooling, glare reduction, and privacy this type of screen offers right after installation. Enjoy those hot summer days in comfort when you use solar screen material!