Home Anniversary

It’s been a year since my parents moved to their new home. Looking back, I remember how struggling it was for home improvement due to the pandemic. Everything came in a surprise. Yes, buying the new home wasn’t planned, but maybe it was fated that my sister and father hurdled to close the deal. It’s a long way to go, but I believe this is the best investment my sister and father ever made since the area is near to schools, church and mall.

Today, there are still many improvement to finish. We’ve been doing it one after the other, like achieving the home interior design. One of the things I wanted to renovate was the ceiling. I think that the distance of the ceiling and the beam is too wide. I’m looking for ways to refurbish this.


Also the dirty kitchen improvement is in the offing. We have a problem with the roofing because when the window grills were installed, the worker accidentally poured the paint on the acrylic roofing.

The acrylic roofing of the dirty kitchen.

As I said, we are planning to finish things one at at time. I will update you once we have achieved the dream project for the kitchen that my sister wants.

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