Prevent cervical cancer, get vaccinated

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in woman next to breast cancer and just like the latter, it can be treated if diagnosed early. Every woman is at risk of getting cervical cancer, the risk grows with age as cases occur more frequently in women over 30 years old.

Ms. Doris Bigornia excites the audience during the Truth or Myth segment.

During the Watsons Take Action for Women’s Health forum, Dr. Cecilia Llave of Philippine Cancer Society, said that 99% of cervical cancer cases are due to chronic persistent infection with high-risk human papilloma viruses (HPV).

Dr. Llave also encourage women ages 25-65 to undergo screening for Cervical cancer. Why? Because many do not have symptoms in early stages of the disease.

Other signs and symptoms include

  • spotting
  • discharge
  • slight pain
  • bleeding after coitus
  • difficulty of urination and defecation
  • hypogastric
  • low back pain

Warning signs of Cervical Cancer :

  • fever
  • foul vaginal discharge
  • severe cramping
  • profuse vaginal bleeding

Moms don’t fret because early detection, screening and vaccination can help you fight cervical cancer.

Prevention by vaccination

Dr. Carolyn Zalameda-Castro, Philippine Obstetrical & Gynecological Society fellow and chairperson of Task Force in Women First, said that education and health go hand in hand. Educated women are more likely to have healthier families and the benefits extend for generations to come.

Because Watsons provide us with different products and services that caters to our overall health and wellness, Ms. Sharon Decapia, SAVP for Watsons Marketing, PR and Sustainability, spilled the good news. HPV vaccine is available at Watsons aling with the Flu and Pneumonia vaccine. Just book your vaccination schedule via Watsons App or watsons.com.ph before July 27 and get 10% discount.

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