We Love Aqua Planet, the Biggest Water Theme Park in Asia!

Our Summer in February second weekend escapade in Boracay Island was a blast. But our family adventure slash family reunion didn’t stop there. From the Visayas, off we went to Central Luzon at Clark, Pampanga last February 24. We spent our third weekend get-away at the newest and biggest water theme park in Asia – Aqua Planet.

It was Aqua Planet’s first day opening to the public and for a treat, ticket was sold for 50% off. Yeah!


950 pesos for 48 inches and above

750 pesos for below 48 inches ;

Babies are free (non-walker)

PWD and Senior Citizen discount of 20%

It may be a bit pricey but remember Aqua Planet is the biggest water theme park in Asia where you can enjoy more than 25 attractions for kids and kids-at-heart.

After we pay the entrance fee, we were given RFID bracelet each. It can be used to transact or buy foods inside the water park.

RFID bracelets

As we enter the perimeter, we were given a life jacket. It is a must wear specially in the Beach Wave area. You can choose sizes from small to extra large.

Everybody’s happy and excited

There are lockers available for free too.


For big groups like us, beach cabana was available for P3,500.00 only. Amenities included in the cabana – a wall fan, electrical outlet and a safe box where you can put your important belongings such as cellphone so you can enjoy all the activities even when you’re far from your cabana.

Beach Cabana

For small group, if you don’t want to rent a cabana, it’s okay, umbrella type tables (the ones behind the cabana photo above) are available for free. Just be early so you can choose a good spot to stay.

Our first activity was The Tornado!

Aqua Planet Tornado

My daughter’s favorites were: Hurricane, The Orc Loop, The River, The Beach wave.


Fam bam at the River


Beach wave


The Orc Loop


You can also Flow Ride all you can, just don’t forget to line up.

Watch the video

I love the jaw-dropping water activities called the LOOP, Super Bowl and Sky Shuttle.

View from The Tornado

What to wear and must not forget?


  1. Rash guard instead of swimsuit  – I believe rash guard suits best than swimsuit for water activities, unless you just want to kill time at the beach wave.
  2. Sun screen or Sun block lotion – The  water park is an open area and there are less trees, it’s important that you put your sun screen lotion before enjoying any water activities.
  3. Towel – To keep you dry after soaking
  4. Shades – Well if you love to protect your skin, might as well protect your eyes from the direct heat of the sun.
  5. Beach cap – This will help you ease the heat if you can’t get enough of the activities even at noon time.
  6. Slipper –  You have to walk from one place to another to enjoy the 38 water activities, so might as well keep your feet secured from the scorching heat of the cemented floor.
  7. Money – You can’t bring foods inside the water park. They have food stalls inside and a shop for all your swimwear and gear needs.


There were CCTVs inside the water park aside from security personnel who regularly walks around and every activity sites have designated lifeguards (not one but two to three).

There were lockers for free and safe box in each cabana.


The water park was automated. Once inside the water park, I recommend you deposit money that you can use to buy food inside. You can deposit through the counter after paying for the entrance fee or at the automated teller machine near food stalls. You can inquire about your balance using your RFID bracelet.

The good news, you can REFUND your excess/unused money as well before leaving the premises.

Operation starts from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. The administration is very strict, 30 minutes before 5:00 p.m. they  stopped the waves, activities were closed by 5:00 p.m. though they still accommodated those who were still on queue.


We will definitely go back at Aqua Planet soon!