Ariel Wash Your Fears Summit

We can conquer our fears and be successful in every battles of life.

This is what I learned after attending the Ariel Wash Your Fears Summit held at the Shooting Gallery in Makati City last October 11. Actually, I was quite shy to share my fears but my fellow moms gave me the courage to do so. If they can do it, why can’t I?

The summit tackled more about women empowerment in the home, in the workplace and in the community as well.

During the program Ms. Bianca Gonzalez, introduced the 10 Fearless Women of Ariel namely:
1) Miriam Quiambao, fearless beauty queen
2) Amina Rasul, fearless advocate for peace and development
3) Anna Kapunan, fearless advocate for health and environment
4) Marilou Chua, fearless advocate for children’s education
5) Samira Gutoc-Tomawis, fearless journalist
6) Mandy dela Rama, fearless entrepreneur
7) Mons Romulo, fearless lifestyle columnist
8) Aimee Carandang Gloria, fearless female pilot
9) Badgie Guerero-Trinidad, fearless founder of The Cravings Group
10) Ariel’s fearless brand ambassador, Ms. Kris Aquino

These women bravely shared their fears with us. Watch the video.

In my case as a career woman who currently have no househelp at home, I face a lot of challenges – at work where I brave the masculine society and always aim to get my superior’s trust, and at home where I am not good at some chores like doing the laundry but my family have to trust me to have their clothes clean.


The summit got more interesting with the participation of Tesda Women Center chief Maria Clara Ignacio, who stated that, “The presence of Filipinas in the workforce has had a big impact in the economy. Thanks to their skills, there is considerable industry growth in the country.In Tesda, we believe that development is for all. Men and women should have the same opportunities.”


Ms. Emmeline Verzosa, Philippine Commission on Women Executive Director also shared, “Society has learned to appreciate the uniqueness of the hardworking Filipina. They are not only dedicated to their jobs; they also strive to be good wives, good mothers and good daughters. Sadly, often times, they put other people’s needs before their own.”

For her part, Ms. Kris Aquino said her fears mostly are related to her family. We know how family-centered she was and how she kept on fighting for her children’s welfare. I really admire her for that.


Kris said, “Sometimes, no matter how focused we are on our goals, there will be unexpected situations and stains that will challenge our abilities. But being a Filipina and a mother, I learned to use the last ounce of strength to stand up and face my fears.”


Wrapping up, we washed all our dirty clothes where we wrote our fears and we do witnessed Ariel’s power to remove stains – 100 stains all of them in just 1 wash!


Now, I’m happy to tell that the Wash Your Fears Summit and the fearless women of Ariel encouraged me to face my fears and fight the battle against stains – in clothes and those present in the society.


I’m proud to say that I can easily do the laundry with Ariel Power Gel!