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Back-to-School: How to overcome Sepanx

Stemming from the two words, ‘separation’ and ‘anxiety,’ sepanx is theunsettling feeling of being in a new, unfamiliar situation or place.  After two years of building protective family habits at home, back-to-school season is bringing unique separation anxiety for moms. … read more

Are you ready for 9.9 Super Shopping Day?

The ‘ber’ months are finally here and there’s no better way to kick off this festive season than with Shopee’s upcoming 9.9 Super Shopping Day! From exclusive flash deals, to entertaining livestreams and games, Filipinos are in for a fun … read more

Shop, Win and Help your Barangay

Shopee is not only a shopping app. It is a platform that harnesses the power of technology by helping customers, sellers, partner riders and all Filipinos across the country. Especially crafted to welcome the start of the 9.9 Super Shopping … read more

M.O.M. is No. 47 in Feedspot

Woke up with a good news as Mom’s Online Magazine debuts in Feedspot this month. Initially, M.O.M. ranked No. 49. on Top 80 Philippines Moms Blog last Aug. 18, 2022 Yesterday, Aug. 24, M.O.M. is two notch higher on No. … read more