Benefits of Private Schools

Choosing the right preschool or kindergarten for your child may seem like an overwhelming task. There are many options including public, commercial and private schools. While there are pros and cons to each type of school, private schools offer many benefits.

Optimal Learning

Children’s brains learn the fastest during their early childhood years. This is one of the reasons that it’s so important to provide children with an optimal learning environment. Private schools in Redmond WA offer learning that is based on the whole child approach. This means that children learn using principles and concepts that apply to their cognitive, social, emotional and physical being. Learning is student-centered and directed. Teachers are there to support each child to learn at their own pace using their chosen tools. Another important facet of optimal learning is that it provides a solid foundation for children to enjoy learning. It’s critical to establish a love for learning at a young age.

Individualized Learning

As mentioned above, children learn in their own way and at their own time. While some children are reading as young as age three, some children take longer to grasp concepts and skills. Private schools are excellent at providing children with the support they need. Class sizes may be smaller so that teachers can support students in understanding concepts and developing new skills.

Learning Styles

There are different types of learning styles. While some students learn best through auditory means, others learn best through their visual senses. Still, some students prefer writing/reading and others kinesthetic. Private schools offer children the opportunity to learn through a variety of methods so that all students can master skills. By providing children with a variety of mediums for grasping a concept, children gain confidence in taking control of their learning.

When selecting a preschool or kindergarten for your child, be sure to consider the benefits of private schools.