Brewing Meat Business

A year after the start of the pandemic, I am still halfway in business planning. The crisis brought about by the coronavirus made me reluctant to launch my meat business. However, meat products are still essential amidst the pandemic because people still needs to buy food.

Aside from the pandemic, the local meat industry was also affected by the African Swine Fever or ASF so we’re experiencing scarcity of pork meat and higher price. For now, I am opting to sell imported meat instead of local meat to cut cost. I’m currently negotiating with the imported meat supplier and hope to close a deal this week. If this will push through then, I won’t be just a reseller.

For the packaging, should I use styropor, plastic bags or custom printed plastic bags by International plastic? I’m still figuring it out after drafting my business design logo. I am also thinking of urging my customers to bring reusable container too.

Also, the chiller that I ordered will be delivered next week. I have so many in mind, but for now I need to focus to make this business happen.

I am really excited to launch my meat business, but I cannot divulge my business name yet. I promise to do this after I registered and secure a permit.

By the way, the business I am launching is not my bread and butter but just my side hustle. I just hope that friends and relatives will support my new endeavor. For now, I am finishing my FB Page and provide teaser post for my future clients.