Cosmopolitan Climbs Will Soon Offer Affordable Life Plan

We all want to live a life free of worry, especially during the fortuitous event. The big question now is how ready are we to face life’s surprises?

Before times like this occur, I believe financial literacy is important, even if you are from the upper class of the society or the grassroots. Investing in life insurance and pre-need plans is a good choice for much-needed security and protection.

The good news there are companies that sell life plan, education plan, health plan and even memorial plan. We just have to be intelligent enough to choose where to put our trust and investment, especially for those who value their hard-earned money.

We have choices to choose and I know budget-friendly plans always ring a bell. I was elated upon knowing that a new pre-need player approved by the Insurance Commission is in the offing of providing reasonably priced life and pre-need plans.

Just recently, two leading entities, Cosmopolitan and CLIMBS merged to offer a much affordable life plan. The dream to embark on pre-need venture last year became a reality last Monday, October 2 at the Marriot Hotel, Pasay City as Cosmopolitan Climbs Life Plan, Inc. (CCLPI) was officially launched.

Cosmopolitan has been in the memorial service business since 1940 and Climbs has long been a trusted insurance cooperative in the country since 1971.

“Let me just express my sincerest thanks that a private sector and cooperative have merged together. And our promise to the buying public is to make sure that we give them protection not only now but in the years to come,” said Renato Dychangco, Jr., chairman of CCLPI.

Dychangco assures the public that the company will cater not only for the people that have money but also for the masses.

Mr. Renato Dychangco chairman of CCLPI, giving his opening statement.

MGen. Gilbert Llanto, CCLPI vice chairman also gave additional input about the joint venture. He stated that “what CCLPI  offer is a choice, relevance, peace of mind at basically lower cost. We can assure you of very dependable service. We are looking, what are the gaps in the service delivery of this particular needs. Rest assured we will see to it that we will fill those gaps. “

More about the new pre-need plan company, Mr. Noel Raboy, president of CCLPI said that it is a synergy between a life insurance company and funeral service provider that targets to cater the grassroots.

Mr. Raboy elaborated that the CCLPI products are still being finalized to make sure it follows the mandate of the Insurance Commission. He estimated that for more or less than 500 pesos a month, one can easily secure a pre-need plan. A price that’s really economical and accessible to many.

CCLPI officers with Insurance Commissioner Atty. Dennis Funa.

Insurance Commissioner, Atty. Dennis Funa was also present during the launch. He guarantees that the government supports the joint venture of Cosmopolitan and CLIMBS and believes in the sincerity of the two companies.

Learning how the government trusts Cosmopolitan Climbs, I am really looking forward to their product launching in the coming months.