DOLE, CSC signed IRR for Expanded Maternity Law

Good news, Moms!

The implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of Republic Act 11210 or the Expanded Maternity Leave law was signed on Labor Day by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and stakeholders.

How MOMs will benefit to the new law?

· Maternity leave is now 105 days, longer than 60 days for normal delivery and 78 days for caesarian

· You can avail for another 30-day extension of maternity leave without pay.

· Those who had miscarriages or emergency termination of pregnancy have 60-day maternity leave

· Single mothers are entitled to an additional 15 days of paid leave

· Moms can transfer 7 days of leave to your partners

It will take effect 15 days after publication in newspapers of general circulation.