Finding Seasonal Employees For Your Boston Business

Most businesses need seasonal employees for those times of the year when there is a predicted spike in business. For example, shipping companies hire seasonal employees during the winter holidays because of the expected rise in packages being shipped. If your Boston business needs seasonal employees, then there are a few different ways you can find them quickly and efficiently.

Contact The Local Colleges

Trade schools and local junior colleges that teach trades often allow companies to offer seasonal jobs to students. These particular employees would only be available for part-time shifts, but it is possible to find a great deal of strong and capable seasonal employees at some of the local colleges in your area.

Staffing Agencies

There are a lot of Boston staffing agencies that specialize in providing seasonal employees for Boston companies. There are two major advantages to using a staffing agency for your seasonal employees. The first is that the agency takes care of everything from hiring, to training to paying the workers. You pay a flat rate to the staffing agency, and they take care of the rest. The other advantage to using a staffing agency is you can use them year after year.

Employment Office And Agencies

While it is unfortunate that there are always many people looking for jobs, this situation is something your company can turn into a good thing. You can contact the local state employment office and hiring agencies in the Boston area and let them know you are looking for seasonal employees. While it may not be the long-term job many unemployed people are looking for, it would be something they could put on their resumes and it would be a way to generate an income during certain times of the year.

A business that relies on seasonal employees needs to have a reliable source for those employees each year. By reaching out to local hiring resources, your Boston business can have the seasonal employees it needs to make the peak season a success.