One Day Only Coca-Cola Philippines Collectors Fair

Last Saturday was a historical day for local Coca-Cola Memorabilia collectors as they organized the very first Coca-Cola Philippines Collectors Fair at Fishermall.

The event was supported by Coke collectors from all over the world. Mr. Arjay Mendoza, president of Coca-Cola Philippines Collectors Club mentioned exhibitors from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan, Turkey, Switzerland, Macau, South Korea and Russia.

Coca-Cola Philippines representatives were also present during the occasion to support our local collectors. The event was a testimony about how a global brand can also have a global community of collectors. 

As a Coca-Cola consumer, it was somehow a throwback time for me. I was happy to see some old Coca-Cola products like Fanta and remember how much a liter of Coke costs back then, from an old poster, would you belive it was only P14.00? Yeah.

A wide array of coke bottles were on display and were on sale too. Enjoy viewing some of my snapshots.

Coke wooden bottle costs P5,000.

Coca-Cola glass bottles of different sizes and shapes.

Coke exhibitor with his different Coke bottle collections


Tiny Coke bottles in Converse shoe key chain costs P800.

I was with my daughter and she was also in awe  seeing myriad of Coke items from way back the years she wasn’t even born yet, like these ref magnets.

Actually, she can’t get her eyes off this cute Barbie doll in Coke outfit.

And she wants to take home this  “Sari-Sari Store”

I love this bag with complete Coke dinnerware.

Coca-Cola bags and dinnerware set

Of course we didn’t go home empty-handed, because I bought her my favorite childhood toy, a Coke Yo-Yo.

We bought this Coke Yo-Yo from a Korean exhibitor for only P150.

Ex-Sen. Nikki Coseteng was also present during the event.

It was a one day yet a very successful exhibit for our local Coke collectors. We hope we can see them again next year.