For #ProteksiyongPlus, Take Ceelin Plus!

It’s hard to gamble with the unreasonable weather nowadays. The sudden increase in temperature in the morning and the intermittent rain in the afternoon can produce several health effects to children. The changing climate exposes our children to sickness.

Just like what happened last week, when rain prevailed for how many days due to the effect of the southwest monsoon. The result, most of my daughter’s classmates got fever and flu.

Thanks God, Kiat was never infected with flu because she constantly takes vitamin C. And we only have one brand at home – Ceelin Plus. It is packed with vitamin C and zinc that is equivalent to 10 glasses of milk and 59 pieces of biscuits.

My eldest son grew-up with Ceelin. I have proven how effective Ceelin Plus in giving superior protection for my then little boy, the reason why my daughter is also a Ceelin consumer.

Have you seen the television commercial of Ceelin? Imagine the battle our children are facing against sickness. For a mom, it is really worrisome. We have to do something to protect our children against disease by helping keep their immune system strong.

Ensuring a balanced diet is not enough. We make sure Kiat has  Plus Protection with Ceelin Plus. She’s 7 years old now and is taking Ceelin chewables.


Ceelin Plus by Unilab is available in all leading drugstores and supermarket.

  • Ceelin Plus Drops 15ml for only P82.00
  • Ceelin Plus Drops 30ml for only P114.00
  • Ceelin Plus Syrup 60 ml for only P78.00
  • Ceelin Plus Syrup 120 ml for only P140.00
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  • Ceelin Plus Chewables 100 ml for only P450.00

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