For Serious Protection, Take Forti-D

With our busy lives, we may often forget to look after our health. Honestly, I only get to know my health status every year when our company obliged us to undergo Annual Physical Examination (APE).

Admit it, we only focus seriously about our health issues when it already triggered us to stay in bed, because we are sick. Just like a recent experience at home where two of our family members got ill at the same time. It was always the provocative point to seek a doctor’s advice, when we or a family member is already sick.

Little did we know that one is suffering from chronic back pain that was initially diagnosed as osteoarthritis. The case was really alarming because it involves the bones, muscles and nerves and a very important part of the human body – the spinal cord.

The good news after – we learned how to seriously protect ourselves.

To keep the bones strong we need to be sufficient in Vitamin D. The doctor said that calcium is only absorbed by our body if we have enough Vitamin D in our system. Children who lack Vitamin D develop the condition called rickets, which causes bone weakness, bowed legs, and other skeletal deformities, such as stooped posture.

Aside from this, Vitamin D helps keep our VITAL ORGANS to function healthily (including the heart,
bones, muscles and brain).

Did you know that 7 out of 10 Filipinos today are deficient in Vitamin D? Yes.

What are the source of Vitamin D? It’s the sunlight and the food we eat. But it’s difficult to obtain enough sunlight for our body to absorb and it is also difficult to obtain it from food because the RDA of Vitamin D is equivalent to 40 eggs / 8 glasses of milk / 800g of salmon / 2 cans of tuna flakes every day.

The easiest way to overtake this need is to start serious protection with Forti-D supplement by UniLab.

One capsule of Forti-D is equal to 800 IU of Vitamin D, just enough for our daily body needs.

For only P6.50 per capsule, your family can be sure of protection from diseases caused by lack of Vitamin D like Chronic Diseases such as Cancer, Heart Failure, Diabetes, etc.

Give your family the right kind of wealth, the good health. Seryosong Proteksiyon, Simulan Ngayon!