Gift Baskets – A Joyful Way to Give for Under $50

Whether celebrating a special occasion or for no particular reason at all, there is nothing quite like receiving a well-thought out gift basket. Matching the contents to the recipient is one of the most enjoyable parts of giving one of these unique gifts. You may feel you aren’t crafty enough to put a great assortment together yourself, but you should be able to find unique gift baskets under $50 without too much trouble. Here are some tips for giving just the right basket.

Choose a Theme for the Basket

A theme can be based on a special occasion, a holiday, a hobby or interest, or even a vocation. For example, get well soon, pet lover, wine connoisseur, baking, fishing, Easter, a new baby or a wedding are all great themes to base the contents on. This makes choosing contents so much easier.

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Choose an Appropriate Container

An ice bucket would be a great base for a wine lover, a terracotta pot for someone with a green thumb, or a colorful keepsake baking bowl and apron would be fun for a baker, but there is nothing wrong with a simple decorative box or pretty basket either. A nice container could be used by the recipient later on.

Make the Gift Fit the Person

If you don’t want to choose a theme, try to choose a gift personalized for the recipient. Give a get-well basket full of soups and crackers to an ill friend. A health nut might appreciate an assortment of granola and jerky. Give a student a variety of chips and salsa, and don’t forget the sweet snacks. Most people, whether they will admit it or not, like a bit of chocolate now and then.

Gift baskets are as popular to give and fun to receive as ever, and finding custom or ready-made assortments makes it simple. You’ve got this!