Grandparent’s Day!

Today is Grandparent’s Day! This is our turn to give thanks and respect to our elders.

I still have my grandmother with my mom’s side and grandfather with my father’s side. Both were in the provinces – North and South, so I just manage to call and greet them on this special day.

My kids already greeted their grandparent’s (my side) and just offered prayers for their departed lolo and lola (their father’s side).

Did you know that the Philippines started to celebrate Grandparent’s Day since 1987.

This practice was adopted from the Americans who first started the tradition in 1973 through a proclamation by Governor Arch Moor of West Virginia. In 1975, President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation submitted by the US Congress stating that the first Sunday after Labor Day be the National Grandparents Day.

How about you, how did you celebrate Grandparent’s Day?