How to Care For Your Henna Design

Fairs and family gatherings can be perfect opportunities for you to see people with the latest mehndi design. This fashion statement is also known as henna tattoos. In fact, henna isn’t an actual tattoo because it wears off over time. Designs are drawn onto the body, and the ink is actually a natural dye found in various tropical shrubs. After you receive a henna design, however, it’s important to care for it. The ink can last for several weeks when you know how to treat the design.

Avoid Touching It

A talented, beauty expert usually applies henna ink to your skin. This dye leaves a pasty residue on your skin as the ink cures. In fact, it takes at least one hour for the paste to dry. Don’t touch the ink at all during this period. You can easily blur the design’s details. The paste will naturally break off in the next 24 hours.

Wear a Wrap

Ideally, you want all of the ink to remain in place for as long as possible. The ink slowly bonds with the keratin in your skin so that the final henna appearance is as dark as possible. Carefully wrap the henna design with protective gauze or a bandage. This wrap concept allows your body heat to work on the design as well. As the ink warms up, it leaves a darker mark on your body.

Keep it Dry

Don’t shower or get the henna design wet in the first 24 hours. Wet conditions will cause the paste to slough off. Your resulting design is incredibly pale and difficult to see. Water may also wash the design away entirely. If you must wash any part of your body, keep the design covered and dry in the meantime.

Use Baby Oil

After you’ve had the design on for about a week, it can begin to fade as your skin naturally recycles itself. Add some baby oil to the design, and allow it to soak in. The oil invigorates the design area and gives the dye a chance to look darker once again. Apply baby oil repeatedly, and you can keep the design for as long as possible.

Wearing henna is a historical art. Many websites, such as CraftsVilla, offer information about these designs. Learn more about henna, and you might look for a new design each month. Decorating your body with natural dyes is a fashion trend worth trying.