How to Stay Safe from Tornadoes in Oklahoma

Storms can be scary, but tornadoes take that level of concern to a whole new level. According to an article in the Washington Post, there were a record-breaking number of 146 tornadoes in Oklahoma in 2019. These disastrous funnels in the sky are not something to be ignored, so if you are planning on moving to the state, they are something you need to consider. Tourists don’t have to worry about tornadoes as much, but if you are scouring Oklahoma City houses for sale, you may need to give yourself extra time to be sure the home you purchase will hold up and ideally has a safe place to shelter.

Whether you’ve just moved to the state or have lived there for years, this is how you can stay safe when a tornado hits. 

Get Prepared

To be ready for the storm, you’ll need to be sure that you prepare your home in every way possible. The first thing that you should do is designate your ‘shelter room’, which ideally will be located in the basement of your house. If you don’t have a basement, find the lowest, smallest, and most central room to ensure that you have the most protection. For people who live in mobile homes or RVs, it’s best to find a pre-chosen, permanent structure. If there are none nearby, the last thing you want to do is drive towards the tornado. You’ll have better chances of beating the storm if you find a ditch to lay inside.

Make a Tornado Kit

Having a tornado kit is essential for anyone who lives in tornado country, including Oklahoma. This kit should include everything you need to survive for a few days, should you land in a situation where you can’t escape until it’s calm outside. Or, in a worst-case scenario, a kit can help a person or family trapped inside a home or basement to get by more comfortably. The ideal tornado kit will be equipped with a battery-powered radio, battery-powered TV, extra batteries, first aid supplies, a cell phone charger, canned food, water, an extra identification card, cash, blanket, and sturdy shoes. For families with pets, make sure your emergency tornado kit includes a leash and travel carrier for your furry friend. 

Stay Informed

With an abundance of technology these days, there’s no reason that someone should not have access to information. Whether it’s from online, the radio, or television, if you have a hunch that a storm is coming,make sure you tune into your local news to track what’s going on. Almost always, your local news sources will be able to tell you when and if you need to bolt.

 Act Quickly and Stay Calm

Another important way to stay safe from tornadoes anywhere is to act quickly as soon as your area is issued a warning. If you can stay on top of the news and move yourself and your family to your shelter room, you will have a much better chance of preventing injuries in your group. It’s also essential to stay calm. Even if you are running on adrenaline, panicking in a tornado situation will only put you at risk of not thinking clearly and acting in a timely fashion.