How will the kids enjoy these summer activities at home?

Summer is here! While hitting the beach or traveling to cooler climes is fun, staying in is an easy and convenient way to chill out. But it’s hard to keep kids entertained, and the heat might make everyone’s attention spans shorter. It just takes a little creativity to make an enjoyable haven during these sweltering months. Here are a few tips, with a little help from the Samsung Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner, which keeps your home comfortably cool without the direct blast of unpleasant cold air.

Get your bodies moving and grooving.

It’s fun to learn a new dance or workout routine with more people. Have your children wear their dance shoes and move to the beat of Beyonce or Bruno Mars. This is a great way to get some cardio and muscle toning. Don’t worry about sweating too much; you can stay cool without the unpleasant feeling of direct air blow.

Jumpstart their culinary journey.

Instead of buying an ice pop or fruit snack for your kids, let them make their own. Find fun recipes that your kids can help you out with. Designate manageable tasks and teach them proper cooking and cleaning. Kitchen time becomes more delightful when parents and children work together, especially within a pleasant environment.


Create and explore imaginary worlds.

Let your kids’ creativity soar. Transform their bedroom into a huge castle by building blanket and pillow forts and let them become the valiant king or queen tasked to protect the throne. Or, create “secret hideouts” and make them play the role of the world-class spy on a top-secret mission. With cold air distributed evenly in the room, you can stay comfortable as you play in your imaginary worlds all day.

Unleash your child’s inner Picasso.

Create artsy rooms by making “stained glass” windows using cut-out illustration boards and cellophane. Breathe new life to a plain white tee by painting cool designs on it or dipping it in dye. Within a cool and comfortable environment, children can explore colorful possibilities. And even when you make a mess, clean-up can still be fun.

Build your kids’ focus and discipline — the fun way.

Put your child’s mental toughness to the test by making them build houses of cards or domino towers. To make things more thrilling, turn it into a race, and see who gets to build the tallest structure within five minutes. No breeze will topple your towers too, but be careful not to breathe on it once it’s up!

It’s easy to pull off any of these activities—whether high energy or intense concentration—with the Samsung Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner. This innovative air conditioner cools fast and comfortably with its 21,000 micro-holes that evenly distribute cold air and maintains your preferred temperature in any room without directly blasting cold air or creating unpleasant cold spots. Your kids will feel cool and refreshed wherever they decide to play indoors.

What’s more is the air cooling unit’s Digital 8-pole Inverter Technology, which allows you to save up on energy consumption by up to 72%. Not only is it efficient, but it is also incredibly silent. You can look forward to more quality time and bonding moments with your kids all day, without worrying about additional costs and disturbance.

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