Jolly Pinoy Collectibles

Jollibee really treasures Filipino culture. Its latest offering, the Jolly Pinoy Collectibles proudly represent our rich heritage. Its a limited edition toys and its selling like hotcakes, so collect it while supply lasts.

Actually, playing with the Jolly Pinoy Collectibles also help me educate my child and tell her stories about my childhood experiences characterized by some toys in the collection. The toys are entertaining and I’m sure your kids will enjoy them too.

Jollibee Jeepney – Hear Jollibee say “Tara, sakay na!”


Twirlie Pinoy Sorbetes – Hear the ringing bells while Twirlie’s head twists to her right.


Yum Kalesa Fun – Hear the galloping and neighing sound of the horse and see Yum wave his hand.


Popo Carabao – Hear the mooing carabao sound. You can also twist Popo’s head.


Hetty Vinta Getaway – Hear the crashing waves sound from the boat. Twist Hetty’s head to her right and see the Vinta flag move.


Collect all Jolly Pinoy Collectibles for only P150 each for every Jollibee Value Meal purchase.

Hurry! Toys are available from September 15 to November 14, 2016 in all Jollibee branches nationwide.