Krispy Kreme Read Along Program

Ms Liwanag and Ate Hilda of DeAF Deaf and SEADC during the read-along program.

Communication is very essential in our daily life. But not all of us are empowered to communicate in the common way – through speaking.

Some of us are handicapped to speak like the mute and the deaf but being disabled still has its special way to express themselves. The only problem is how other people would understand their language.

To break the communication barrier, Krispy Kreme supported the Read Along Program by Development and Accessibility Fund for the Deaf (DeAF Deaf) and Support and Empower Abused Deaf Children, Inc. (SEADC).

Deaf children were taught to read and improve their vocabularies while their hearing parents and peers were given tips on how to properly teach them.

Deaf kids and their mothers reading the book by Happy Ruth Pamintuan.

Krispy Kreme crews were also given a chance to learn sign language so they can understand whenever a deaf customer dropped by their store.

This is just one of a many Share the Gift of joy campaign by Krispy Kreme still in line with its 75th anniversary last year.