LBC Aming Ligaya: A time for Agents and Customers Meet-Up

At the forefront of LBC’s long history as the country’s leading padala and remittance center are its service personnel who are remembered for the way they treat and help their ever-growing patrons.

For the very first time, LBC Express, through its Customer Care Team, organized a meet-up between customers and LBC agents who have made their transactions both rewarding and unforgettable.

One such instance is that of Aristotle De La Cruz who felt elated in meeting Glorina Penones of LBC for the first time. He said Glorina’s efficient response to his various transactions, requests, and concerns was something he couldn’t forget.

He recounts how Glorina took the time to go personally to his office to make sure he received his deliveries promptly and hassle-free.

Glorina of LBC and customer Aristotle

Another customer, Joanne Ang, was also pleased with how their company’s needs were attended to by Glorina who was assigned to them by LBC as their official account handler. Joanne was so ecstatic in coming face-to-face with Glorina that she introduced her to the entire office.

Glorina, for her part, was overwhelmed that Aristotle and Joanne appreciated her work. Realizing the sense of fulfilment that comes with the job, she vows to work harder and excel further in delivering quick service and hassle-free experience.

Immediately after meeting LBC Representative John Garby Bondal, Cynthia Erum thanked him and was very happy for the assistance he extended to her regarding the delivery of their pre-printing supplies. According to Cynthia, while she had spoken with a few agents to follow-up on her request, it was Garby who assured her that the supplies will be delivered on the date that she requested.

Cynthia was also thankful that she met Garby in person, realizing that customer service agents are genuine people with genuine intentions to help customers. In return, Garby was also thankful for the opportunity to meet his customer and made him realize that his position as an agent can create a great impact to LBC customers and to the company he is with.

Carmen Ybanez was also overjoyed when she met LBC agent Jeffrey Marcos in person. According to Carmen, it was nice to finally put a face to a name who has been very helpful in all her transactions. Jeffrey, was also thankful for meeting a satisfied customer saying the words of appreciation drive him to be more passionate in his work.

Jeffrey of LBC and customer Carmen

Through this activity, LBC aims to show that a simple interface between a caring service representative and a satisfied customer can bring happiness and even transform lives. Truly, this is how LBC can embody Aming Ligaya or the joy of moving – working hard to deliver joy and reassuring customers that we will go extra mile, every time, so that joy will always reach their doorsteps.