LBC’s Outstanding Agents Meet-Up with their Happy Customers

Behind every LBC transaction, there is an agent all too willing to assist, and a customer who pays back thru simple words of gratitude.

This is the continuing saga of Aming Ligaya, LBC’s monthly thrust of making commendable agents and their customers meet face to face so they can personally thank each other for a job well fulfilled.

Recently, Esper Tabamo, who has been working as an LBC Agent for almost three years, was able to meet in person Luzviminda Banas, a businesswoman who felt very thankful for the stellar service she was given. Banas, a regular patron of LBC, recalls calling the hotline to follow up on the status of her shipment of souvenir items. What made it stressful for her, then, was that she lost the receipt of her transaction and couldn’t provide the tracking number. It was only when Tabamo handled her concern that her worries were laid to rest.

Banas recounts that Tabamo’s patience and manner of explaining made her trust LBC even more. “Masaya ako dahil nalaman ko na may katulad ni Esper na handang tumulong. Tabamo, meanwhile, says she felt a sense of pride knowing that she was able to extend assistance to a customer in need: “Masaya ako kasi nakatulong ako and I was given the chance na makilala ko si Ma’am Luz personally.”

LBC, for their part, assures, that the face-to-face encounters between outstanding agents and their happy customers will continue so as to reiterate the message to both employees and the public that providing joy thru exemplary service is at the core of priorities of LBC.