Mother Robin and Giving Birth

I was astounded to learn how pricey it is to give birth in Indonesia – it costs $70 up to $700! How’s that? The amount really gave me a headache and I started to realize how lucky Filipinos are who enjoy the free maternal service from the government.

The Philippines have Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital that caters to mothers mostly belonging to poor families. It was called the baby factory because it delivers more or less 100 babies a day. Imagine that?

At least this government-run maternity hospital can give big relief to poor couples in need of affordable maternal care. It even offers free services for indigent patients.

However, Indonesia is still lucky to have a Filipino-American midwife named Robin Lim who puts up a non-profit birthing and educational clinic that helps thousands of poor Indonesian mothers to deliver their babies safe and free.

She also promotes traditional healing practices in Nyuh Kuning, village in Bali, Indonesia . And because of her love for the mothers and children in need, Lim who was also known as Mother Robin was awarded the 2011 CNN  Hero of the Year last Sunday. (photo from