Online games that teach your child about money

Let your children play a truly immersive online games where they can learn essential skills in math and manage finances.
An example of an online game that’s perfect for young girls is Cashier Simulator. I’m sure your daughter would love to be the cashier whenever you go shopping. Through this online game, she must input the price of a product bought by the customer, sum it up and give the exact change to earn points. The game really helps practice your child’s math skills and test how fast she can calculate to increase sales. Actually, I was also overwhelmed playing Grocery Store games.

On the other hand, Tractor Mania is a unique farming simulation game that boys will surely love.
Your child could learn simple do’s and don’t in driving and test their patience and perseverance while delivering agricultural products to different destinations. Transporting the goods gets exciting with slopes and uneven paths in destination. It may not be an easy ride so he has to be careful and must never drop the items like fruit and other agri products off the vehicle.
Another thing that makes the Tractor Mania worthy of your child’s time, effort and attention is the player can use the income they have received from each level to upgrade the specifications of their tractor. In general, with the help of his earnings, player can upgrade the engine, gear box, tires, boost and fuel of the tractor for a better performance in loading, transporting and unloading the products that will result to more income.