Optimistic at 2012

Happy new year 2012 How are you today? The year 2011 is done and now it’s 2012. Let me greet you a Happy and Bountiful New Year!

My life’s a bit lighter last year and I hope it will be better this year. The year that passed made me accomplished a lot of things like a new job and a new blog. And I am planning to give this site a boost this year. This site gave me new friends, the PMC moms. I am so grateful to be one of them. Thanks to Mommy Ruby.

I also learned more life’s lessons  and though I am anxious of the difficulties we may face this year, I believe I will still conquer my fears.

This 2012, I want to end my financial burden.I will strive hard to win this battle.

I am looking forward to a positive year.