Plants Keep us Busy amidst the Pandemic

Lately at the height of the community quarantine, many of my friends became fond of plants. My newsfeeds in my social networking sites were mostly about pictures of plants, flowers and vegetables they harvested. Some of them sell their plants online. It became not only their hobby but a side hustle or even main source of income.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against planting. It was good to see different types of plants on my newsfeed. I also want to have my own garden. Actually, I tried several times to plant. I had Fortune plant, Jade plant, Snake plant and the Money tree. I love the Marigold and Roses too, but I am no greenthumb. To be honest, I felt really old enough to be labeled as “Plantita” – that’s what I call my friends now – but still I find it cute. Even when we were chatting online, most of my friends even talked about urban gardening in time of the pandemic.

Snake Plant from Ave Maria Plantita

Even my two sisters abroad were bragging about their plants. One of them even wants englewood plant shed because she’s so much into flowers and succulents. She’s good in taking care of her cacti and so pround to have a bunch of it. She’s single by the way.

Succulents from Liza

I understand that not all of us have work to finish at home and many still find activities to keep them busy in a mundane afternoon. This maybe one of the reasons of the sudden increase of interests to planting. It’s a very calming and relaxing leisure too. Planting is one of the good effects of the pandemic, because more people became interested in urban gardening and the environment.