Red Ribbon Savers: Extra Sweetness Without the Extra Cost

Moms strive to make things special for their families, however, and whenever they can. When it comes to giving sweet treats, they look for ways to afford their favorites.

This is why smart moms are glad to discover Red Ribbon Savers, the bakeshop’s line of best-tasting treats at the most affordable prices. Moms can be assured of specially-baked, great-tasting Butter Mamon, Cheesy Ensaimada, and the Triple Chocolate Roll at budget-friendly prices.

Delight in the butter-milky flavor of the Butter Mamon. Its soft chiffon topped with rich, melt-in-your-mouth butter makes it a bestseller for only P20.

Another snack that’s sure to satisfy sweet cravings is the Cheesy Ensaimada. The mouth-watering pastry, loaded with mounds of shredded cheese and sprinkled with a mix of butter and sugar, can be enjoyed for just P25.

Mom can also take home something special for the family with the Triple Chocolate Roll. A chocolate chiffon cake oozing with milk chocolate goodness from its chocolate filling to its toppings. This whole roll at only P300 is a definite winner in mom’s sulit list.

Looking for something extra special and extra affordable? Head over to Red Ribbon bakeshop nearest you and bring home the great finds only from Red Ribbon Savers.

Red Ribbon Savers

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Posted by Red Ribbon on Monday, January 1, 2018