Refresh with Goldilocks Thirst Quencher Ube Nata

Afternoon means siesta time for my kids but the scorching heat annoy them so much.

To cool them down, I treat them with Goldilocks Thirst Quencher Ube Nata!

Yes, aside from the ever famous Sago’t Gulaman, Goldilocks now serves Ube Nata.

A delightfully revitalizing mix of luscious of Ube, Gulaman, and Nata bits, Goldilocks’ Ube Nata Thirst Quencher will keep the hottest person cool on a warm summer day.

Other revitalizing drinks you can enjoy at Goldilocks are Mango Sago and Pandan Jelly.

Want more products to beat the heat? Have some sweet ice treats like Mais Con Hielo and the traditional Pinoy favorite Halo-Halo! Kids also enjoy these popular dessert.

Chill-out at the Goldilocks outlet nearest you, or call 888-1-999 Go-Delivery for orders