Scarlet’s Snow First Jollibee TV Ads

Filipinos on Instagram have probably visited Scarlet Snow Belo’s IG feed at least once. With more than 3.5 million followers, this 4-year-old has clearly won the hearts of many, making her one of the most adored young celebrities of her generation. 

Sweet, smart, and brimming with innocent charm and fun-loving personality, Scarlet Snow perfectly embodies all the traits of a Jolly Kid Ambassador, as she joins the Jollibee family as the newest face that will inspire other kids to experience jolly moments with the most-loved brand.

To officially welcome her as the newest Jolly Kid in town, Scarlet Snow starred in her first-ever Jollibee TV commercial entitled “I Love You Jollibee”. A collaboration between Jollibee and creative agency, McCann World Group Philippines, the TVC is directed by Quark Henares, the Jolly Kid Ambassador’s very own big brother.


When asked how she feels to be working with Jollibee, the ever-so-jolly young lady said, “I feel very happy. I get to hug Jollibee, play with other kids, and eat my favorite Chickenjoy. My dad is with me, too, so he guides me in what I have to do.” 

For Scarlet Snow, shooting the TVC with Jollibee and all her newfound friends felt more like a super fun playtime, especially since she got to work with her ‘Kuya Quark’. In Scarlet’s words, “Kuya Quark is my director, and Daddy (Hayden) is my coach.”

The latest TVC follows the story of how a lot of kids, including Scarlet Snow, look forward to the day when they visit Jollibee with their family and friends. The ad puts a spotlight on the incomparable joyful moments of children when they get to bond with Jollibee and all other kids, while enjoying their favorite crispylicious, juicylicious Chickenjoy and other Jollibee favorites.

Scarlet Snow’s parents, Dra. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho Jr., are very happy with how their daughter is growing up to be a bright and jolly kid, and now a member of the Jollibee family. “When we knew that she will be the newest Jolly Kid Ambassador, I felt really proud,” said Hayden. “I want to thank Jollibee for trusting Scarlet and welcoming her into their big family. It means we’re doing a great job as her parents since Scarlet Snow gets to be a role model for other kids.”

When asked what makes Scarlet Snow a Jolly Kid, Hayden shared, “Well, like Jollibee, Scarlet loves to make people happy, and she loves to make people smile. She’s also a good kid, very spontaneous and she knows how to enjoy life but still maintains high respect towards us and other people.”

A Jolly Kid is a true source of joy to everyone, something that Scarlet Snow Belo, even at her young age, has shown people through her loving nature, playfulness, and joyful heart. Watch Scarlet Snow’s first-ever Jollibee TV commercial at