Things to Do in Siquijor, a Mystical Island in the Philippines

Healers and witches, who would not know the island of Siquijor? This has been the wrong impression of most local tourists. Undoubtedly, the island is one of the beautiful places in the country.

Despite the bad image and reputation, visitors who came here have been overwhelmed by the eye-catching sceneries as they take their first steps on the island. Tourists who stay in one of the budget, yet quality accommodations in Siquijor find that they would want to stay a bit longer. It’s not scary at all, the island is so blessed with the abundance of nature that will surely keep visitors coming back.

Swimming and Snorkeling in Siquijor

Just like the other beautiful beaches in the Philippines, the waters of Siquijor are crystal clear. Its calmness is soothing to anyone who wants to know the real meaning of the word “unwind”. The clear blue-green water is visible even at the port, as if it was a way of welcoming its visitors. The coastline of the island has a 102-kilometer white sand, you may tour around even in just a day on a motorbike.

If you think of scuba diving and snorkeling, Siquijor is the place to be. With its vast coral reefs, your eyes will be full of the richness of wildlife underwater. San Juan, Siquijor Town and Larena are one of the most visited resorts as they offer water sports packages and motorbikes and bicycle rentals. However, there are still a lot of white sand beaches in some parts of the island that are yet to be discovered.

Visit the Nature Park and Waterfalls in Siquijor

The Mount Bandilaan Nature Park at the foot of the highest peak of the island is another place you shouldn’t miss. The Reforestation Project now has a lot of flora and fauna species which serve as an eye opener to those who love nature. And for religious people, the shrine of the Our Lady of Lourdes and the Stations of the Cross are the nicest places you would want to go.

Another is the Bandilaan Butterfly Range and Breeding Farm. It is a popular butterfly sanctuary you may add to your itinerary prior to visiting Siquijor Island. Also, the freshwater springs in the area are all waiting to be discovered.

The mystical island is best known for extraordinary things – charms and amulets for healing, herbal potions, and magical oils which are all being offered at the foot of Mount Bandilaan. The sorcerers or the local healers assert that the oils and potions are cure for illnesses, and some of their stuff can be used against evil spirits.

Cambugahay is another place to visit which is located two kilometers away from the town of Lazi. The waterfalls and the crystal blue swimming pools are very accessible by renting a motorbike. Though there is a need to go to the exact place by foot, the sight is surely to relieve you from stress. People visit this place usually on weekends. If you wish to go there with fewer people, the best time is on weekdays.

Caving and Spelunking in Siquijor

If you are looking for somewhere to do caving and spelunking, the island has six caves you can explore. Cantabon which is 300 meters long and 10 meters wide is the most popular cave to visit. Its limestone stalactites and stalagmites are the best attractions you can find here. The hilly terrain of the island made it the best spot for caving. The scenery of the white rock formations is perfect for adventurous individuals.

Photo by  Aleah Taboclaon of

Photo by Aleah Taboclaon of

To get to the village where the Cantabon Cave is located, you will need a motorbike called “habal-habal”. It is a public transport used to transport people from one place to another. Once you are in Cantabon, a minimum fee will be collected and an assigned guide will lead your way to an experience you will surely not forget.

Going to and Around Siquijor

To visit the island, you may ride on fast ferries from Bohol, Dumaguete and Cebu City which operates daily. Get to these cities by plane if you are from Manila.

If you make hotel/resort reservations, the easiest way to explore the island is to rent a motorbike. Jeepneys are also available but if you wish to pay less for the travel, go for the “habal-habal”. It is the most convenient way of transportation.

So plan your visit now and explore Siquijor, the mystical place of the Philippines!