3 Careers for People Who Want To Give Back

Serving your fellow citizens is a noble goal. Many people are wired to want to help people, whether that means helping them meet their physical needs, or improve their financial or social standings to assist them towards a more successful life. While it’s often true that there isn’t a great deal of money in jobs for people who want to give back, there are many sustainable and rewarding careers for those who are drawn to this path.

Care Giver

People with disabilities and the elderly are always in need of caregivers, whether you work at a traditional nursing home, an assisted living community, or for an adult foster care service Massachusetts. Patience and willingness to help people with their most basic needs are skillsets that are always in demand. These jobs often provide training that doesn’t require a college education.

Social Worker

For dedicated professionals willing to pursue a LISW degree, social work can be a wonderful occupation. It can take on many forms from consumer and child advocacy to more therapeutic or administrative functions. While broad, social work always requires a determined attitude and thick skin, as you will deal with people trying to overcome difficult or unfortunate circumstances.

Benefits Administrator

In an entirely different lane, people with a human resources vocation can help their coworkers handle their medical benefits. This is helpful for new employees who may be changing insurance. Others may be changing benefits during an open enrollment period, or after a qualified life change like marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child. Regardless of the circumstance, this is a complicated undertaking, and employees will be grateful for an expert’s help.

Seeking a career path that helps people and gives back is an honorable thing to do, and these occupations may be a great way to fulfill that desire.