5 Signs your Parakeet is feeling sick

If you own one or more parakeets, you want to make sure you’re giving them the best care you can. Some birds are susceptible to respiratory ailments , stomach issues and more if they have a weak immune system. If you suspect that your bird is ill, it’s best to consult an avian veterinarian about it. Look at five signs that may indicate your parakeet is feeling sick.

Your Bird is Not Eating

This is a big indication that something is happening with your bird. Before putting your bird’s food in its cage, take note of the level of seed. Recheck the food bowl in about twelve hours to see if it has gone down. If it hasn’t, it means your bird has not been eating as much or at all. Also, look on the floor of the cage to see if there any seed hulls. This is also a good way to determine whether your bird is eating and how much. A bird that has lost its appetite is definitely having some issue and needs to be monitored. While you’re checking its food, take note of how much water it is drinking as well. A healthy parakeet must drink water each day to stay hydrated.

Your Bird’s Waste is Abnormal

A parakeet’s waste should be solid at the bottom of the cage. If you see that your bird’s waste is runny or unusual in color, then your parakeet may be having stomach issues. This sometimes can be solved by changing the type of food you feed your bird. You may want to ask your vet for advice on vitamins or other supplements your bird may be missing in its diet.

Your Bird is Not Playful

Parakeets are active birds that like to climb, sing and explore their cage. If your bird doesn’t seem to be as active as it used to be, it may be because it’s not feeling well. As a note, sometimes parakeets are less active when they’re molting. Molting is a normal stage a bird goes through to get a new layer of feathers. It is kind of like a bad stomachache in a human. However, if your bird just sits for days at a time without playing at all, check with your vet about what you can do.

Your Bird is Sleeping More Than Usual

When a parakeet sleeps, it puts its beak back into its feathers and hides its face. Is your bird doing this during the day as well as at night? If so, it may mean that your bird is feeling sick. It doesn’t have the energy to stay alert during the day. Consider whether your bird has a quiet atmosphere for sleeping during the night without television noise or other sounds that can disrupt it. You may want to put a light blanket over your bird’s cage to help it calm down at night. If your bird is consistently sleepy, it may be ill.

Your Bird’s Feathers Are Constantly Puffed Up

A parakeet that is ill may have its feathers puffed up around its body and face all the time. This is a sign that it’s stressed, and illness can definitely be stressful. Alternatively, if your bird’s feathers are puffed up it can mean that it’s stretching its wings or is temporarily stressed. If this is the case, its feathers will go back to normal within a day or so.

If you suspect that your parakeet is ill, you may want to visit Vet Products Direct for bird medicines. You may be able to find vitamins or a simple medicine that can help your parakeet feel better. If you have other birds in the cage, be sure to consider their health as well because many bird illnesses are contagious.