A Serene Weekend at The Greenery

The second leg of our family get-away last weekend was far more different from the unplanned Benguet trip. This time, we booked in a resort and events place in Metro Manila suburb called The Greenery. It’s a hidden place from the busy city, roughly an hour and a half drive from Metro Manila for first timers.

Unknown to many, The Greenery, Inc, in Baliuag, Bulacan was formerly called  The TGI Pavilion. The place is not new, but it is well-maintained. I agree that it is a perfect location for pre-nuptial photoshoot and also for weddings because of the elegance and the breathtaking amenities. Actually, by the time we reached the place a wedding is about to happen.

Greenery Pavillion

We booked for two villas with extra bed. Accommodation per single villa during our stay, which is still considered lean season, costs around P6,000 plus P1,000 for extra bed. Don’t worry,it comes with free breakfast. The room is clean, cozy and the bathroom, spacious. You can enjoy the free wifi and cable television.

Greenery villas

After we fixed our belongings, we ride on the TGI train. Yes, it is operational!

Greenery train

The train ride is a quick tour inside The Greenery. Every scene is great aside from the lagoon which I believe needs some attention from the management.

Greenery Train ride

The largest villa with 5 rooms with C.R., kitchen, living room and balcony costs around P23,000 per night.

Greenery big villa


Our family picture in the largest villa.
Greenery big villa pic

From the villa, you can see the tower and the lighthouse. I immediately went up the tower and took a picture of the scenery below.

Greenery view from tower

The lighthouse bar.

Greenery Parola

The weather became a little gloomy in the afternoon.

Greenery view

The gazebo view from the tower.

Greenery Gazebo

Swimming started as soon as the kids saw the infinity pool.

Greenery infinity pool

Greenery pool view

Aside from swimming, The Greenery has facilities for team building. It has a vast space for jogging and golf.

Greenery Team Building

You can also enjoy water sports like kayak and jetski. Yes, you can do these activities in the river.

Greenery watersportsJetski is P3,000 per hour and kayak is P1,000 per hour (prices may change without notice).

Greenery jetski

The gazebo.

Greenery Gazebo viewImportant things to remember when visiting at The Greenery.

They offer overnight accommodation, check-in time is 2:00 p.m. and check-out time is 12:00 n.n.

Only light snacks are allowed inside The Greenery. Corkage fee applies to food and liquors. Cooking inside the villa is strictly prohibited.

Foods for dinner/lunch costs P350.00 per head for a complete course.

NOTE: Their foods are really good, we enjoyed it and it’s worth the price.

GREAT TIP: To those familiar with NLEX-Bulacan, you can reach Baliuag in an hour if you travel through the bypass road upon exiting Balagtas toll, instead at Sta. Rita exit.

For inquiries, you can  call the following numbers 044 766 6325 or 0922-8275124.


29 comments on “A Serene Weekend at The Greenery

  1. Sounds good, Karen! It’s obvious diverse fun in different forms abound @The Greenery! A beautiful place to enjoy a weekend getaway with loved ones.

  2. I frequent Bulacan but this is the first time that I am hearing about Greenery. I have to say, the place is impressive – the villas especially. What other facilities and amenities do they have aside from the pool and the water activities?

  3. I haven’t been here but it looks familiar. I’m not sure if a TV show shot one of its episodes here because I seem to have seen this in Because Of You. I hope to visit this place someday. But, boy, it’s a bit expensive!

  4. That’s really nice. I love the Villas, they are perfect for big families going on vacation. I just wish since they have villas, that you can cook your own meals. That would be fun.

  5. The place looks very nice! And Bulacan is so close by. But I hope they have cheaper rooms for rent? P23K a night is too expensive for us!

  6. wow, the place looks like you are not in the Philippines at all.This is absolutely a great place to visit especially for family outing or company team building
    Thanks for giving us a great tour!

  7. Whoa! This place is absolutely stunning. I love those cottage like villas. The greenery indeed so serene!! And I really like how they have battery operated trains that doesn’t pollute the place…

  8. Sir Fred, they have single villas for P6,000 per night with breakfast. It’s good for 4 persons but can keep 6 people. Kids up to 10 y/o are free.

  9. My first thought is, wow, accommodation is expensive, but it looks like it’s worth it anymore, because yeah, it’s a villa. Wonderful scenery and amenities also.

  10. I’ve seen this on their website before when I was looking for a place for me and my colleagues’ outing. Unfortunately The Greenery is too expensive for us. Its looks really nice and fabulous. 🙂

  11. That’s a sweet looking villa. Definitely suitable for family vacation or even hosting a party! Rates seems quite affordable too with such facilities provided

  12. The place looks so relaxing 🙂 And the pool!!! Waaah, so inviting!!!! I suddenly wanted to take a vacation. Especially now that I can already feel the heat of summer.

  13. WOW! You weren’t kidding when you said it might be old but it’s very well-maintained! Ahh! The travel bugs are making me itch to go on a trip soon! I’ve had this for a week or so due to everyone posting travel blogs! ^__^ It sure seems like your whole family had the best time ever. Cool!

  14. To be honest, I never expected The Greenery to be this beautiful. It looks like you were in another country. Haha. I’m adding this to my bucket list. Thanks 🙂

  15. This is a really nice place for a family outing!!! Your Villa looks amazing, hope you could share more photos of it esp on the inside, I’m curious! 😀

  16. Wow didn’t know there is a place like this just few hours away from Manila. I would love to try their train system. Seems like you really had a great stay, I will definitely consider this on our next vacation.

  17. Look at those villas! So pretty!!! And the environment is so calming. Too bad the price is sort of higher for my kind of budget, but I’m pretty sure it’s worth it! 😀

  18. Wow! I love your review of the place, and how the pictures back it up. It is rare that my family and I go on outings, so it might be worth a try when we all manage to be at one place in PH. My home country continues to surprise me with nice places to spend time in with family, friends, or a loved one. I mean, places near the metro. Thanks for sharing!

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