Activities that keeps me relaxed after work

My daily work is stressful physically and mentally. That is why when the clock strikes eight I do not go overtime unless necessary. Besides, the traffic going home also sucks. So I manage to follow a routine when I reach home just to calm my body and mind before sleeping.

Here are my relaxation strategies.

I. Exercise

For 10 minutes, I do breathing exercises to stress-out my body and mind. I have a yoga mat where I sit or lay quietly and do the breathe-in, breathe-out thing. And then I release my physical tension by doing yoga exercises.

II. Gardening

After the exercise, I go to the garden to talk to my plants. Yes, plants are calming especially when the flowers are blooming. Having a garden even in a small place in the house promotes serenity, besides the green color of the leaves are soothing to the eyes.

III. Online Games

When my mind and body are already at ease, I play my favorite online games. One of the games I love is Solitaire. I may sound so old for this, but I love this card game. It is a no pressure game that keeps me engaged and helps improve my decision making and strategy. In short, it helps me improve my brain function.

Cup of Tea Solitaire

I usually play Klondike or the traditional Solitaire, but I also found the Cup of Tea Solitaire enticing. Why? Because it has no undo button, so I need to be careful in decision making on which card to draw. Although the cards are dealt one at a time, the one which has been laid to the foundations can not be returned to play on the tableau.

I have 6 minutes to complete the first level and the final level only have 1 minute and 30 seconds to beat the game.

Letter Scramble

Another online game that calms me down is the Letter Scramble. It helps me increase my vocabulary by creating words within a time limit. What I love here is that I can use variations of the same word and even repeatedly enter the same word provided that the letter tiles are still available to spell it.

IV. Writing

Because I have my brain boosted, I now write my thoughts in short notes. You may call it a diary and yes, it helps me release the negative parts that happen to me daily and tell as memories the happiest thoughts I have. As much as possible, I write down the positive things that happened to me today because it releases a good aura in me.

V. Watching or Reading

If I don’t feel like writing a journal, I watch a feel-good TV series or movie. If I’m not watching, I read a book before sleeping.

VI. Eat Good Food

Suiting your palate is also one of the best ways to relax. It is like rewarding yourself for surpassing the day amid the stress and uncertainties. Eating my favorite food and munching on the desert that I love is keeping away the hardships of today. How about you, how do you relax after work?