Wants vs. Needs

Today is a very crucial day because tickets to Huling El Bimbo concert of the Eraserheads are now on sale. I’m a self confessed EHeads fan since time immemorial and I really, really want to watch them on stage this time.

I was pregnant with my daughter last 2009 when the band held their first comeback concert since they disbanded, the reason why I was not able to watch that historical event. Ely was rushed to the hospital in the midst of the concert and had bypass surgery. VIP tix then was only P5.000 compared to their upcoming concert VIP tix which costs P14,610.

I can’t decide if I’ll push through watching the December concert. I know by the time I upload this, tickets are sold out because Eheads fans are really waiting for this to happen. This time, I am torn between my wants and needs. 

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