All We Want for Christmas is LYKA

Christmas is fast approaching, in just a couple of days, it is already December. This will be our second pandemic Christmas although with fewer restrictions, but since there are still COVID-19 variants, we must be a little extra careful with our daily transactions.

This Holiday season might be tough like last year but let’s see what lies ahead. Despite the onslaught of the Covid-19, I was able to prepare early aguinaldos or gifts. I completed my gifts for family and friends last year with the help of the LYKA app. I ran out of the budget that time to buy a present for one of my godchildren. Thanks to the gift cards in electronic mode, I earned through the LYKA app, I converted it to some wonderful gifts. 

To those of you who are privy to how LYKA works, it is a social media application that enables members to earn GEMs for liking, posting, and sharing videos on the app.  According to Ryan Baird, CEO of LYKA Global, the LYKA is the first paperless, contactless social gift card in the world. 

It was through a colleague that I learned to use the LYKA app. Even celebrities are endorsing it, the likes of Ivana Alawi who happened to buy a car using her GEMs, inspired many to try LYKA too.

Since transactions with LYKA are digital, it is really of big help to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Besides, LYKA has partnered with different brands to seamlessly adapt and provide better service to its Filipino users.

It was July this year when LYKA app merchants started to stop accepting Gems as payment. Although LYKA as a social media app is unaffected, it halted its payment operations as per instructions of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas because it’s mother company must comply and register as an OPS as specified in Republic Act No. 11127 or the National Payment Systems Act.

Occasions like Christmas make me wish for LYKA’s payment facility to fully come back. Many are hoping that it happens before the Yuletide season is over. As you can see, although the GEM payment acceptance with its partner merchants are currently “in hiatus” many users continue to strengthen and gain GEMs by posting and rating the users posts on the app. A lot of Filipinos use the app to entertain in this time of pandemic and as an alternative mobile wallet too because we can buy stuff and food with LYKA ‘s partner merchants. We can even share GEMs as aguinaldo or gift too. 

Moreover, we can’t wait when Mr. Baird, announced their plan to launch a new feature called Golden GEMs. Imagine, users can directly benefit with LYKA ‘s ads revenue through Gems too, how cool is that to empower the users?

All we really want for Christmas is to use the Gems we have kept and treasured, this is one of the best gifts that BSP can give this Holiday season for a myriad of LYKA users.

55 comments on “All We Want for Christmas is LYKA

  1. time to be active again on Lyka, I have an account with Lyka but when I shifted to use another cp, I haven’t installed the app yet.

  2. I have heard about this Lyka but never tried opening one. I read last time that earning Lyka gems is kind of difficult unless if you are a celebrity. I hope they get to launch soon. I sure would be glad to give it a try this time. ?

  3. I have lyka account but sad to say I can’t download it again. Full na po ang mobile phone ko. Kaya patingin tingin na lang ako. Sana pwede siya sa desktop.

  4. Hopefully maging okay na siya ulit. I’ve only used it a few times but I know a lot of friends who use it and totoong naging malaking tulong sa kanila yung LYKA.

  5. Haven’t tried Lyka pero I’ve heard na you can use gems to buy stuff. Natigil pala yun. Hopefully mas maging open na ang PH to accept such currencies na mapapadali yung pagbili ng mga tao.

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