Are You Ready for School?


I know it’s August and some private educational institutions already started the school year. However, the school where my kids are enrolled is still in the process of adopting to changes.

The kids will undergo online learning and we need to level up in technology. I know my husband and I were lucky enough to still have jobs amidst the pandemic, but frankly speaking, we’re experiencing difficulties too. This pandemic greatly affects our daily lives and most if not all of us, are having a hard time to cope.



We only have one laptop at home, so I still need to purchase another one. Even if my son can use his smartphone for his online learning, it is still much better if we have a desktop or another laptop.

Our DSL connection needs to be updated. With the poor wifi service we have, I believe it will be a hindrance for my children to learn.


The new normal learning will also require parents to make time for their children, especially those in kindergarten or elementary.

Although my children knows how to operate the laptop and browse the internet, how about the others who don’t have an access to these kind of technology? Their parents should be there to guide them, right? Parents should also be empowered to teach their child, but how would it be possible if they have work?


Because the kids are studying at home, expect an increase in power consumption and yes, you need additional allowance for wifi service. Allot extra budget for food/snacks too. You know what I mean, Moms, mas magastos pag nasa bahay ang kids.

DepEd’s implementation of blended learning is nearing, August 24, if I am not mistaken. I’ve seen their efforts to pursue educating the children via modules or even through tv/radio broadcast but there are still a lot of flaws.

I also feel for the teachers, who for sure need to triple their effort to teach their students in the new normal way of learning.

And I feel for the parents who at this time of the pandemic cannot provide enough for their children. Have you seen the viral post of a father who bartered his livestock for a cellphone that his child can use in online learning? This is so heartbreaking. I really hope this pandemic ends so we can go back to our normal lives.