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Feast of the Black Nazarene

Historical. This was how authorities described the Translacion of the Black Nazarene  (Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno)  last Monday, January 9. The procession took roughly a day to finish, 22 hours to be exact. Almost 9 million devotee battled with heat, stress … read more

Optimistic at 2012

 How are you today? The year 2011 is done and now it’s 2012. Let me greet you a Happy and Bountiful New Year! My life’s a bit lighter last year and I hope it will be better this year. The year … read more

On Education Issues

Parents, did your know that starting next school year, the Department of Education will implement the K+12 Basic Education program? This program intends to revise the 10-year basic education system consists. Under the new BES, our child needs to pass … read more

Sports Watch

My son and his dad loves to watch sports on cable television. One of their favorites are the mixed martial arts program Ultimate Fighting Championship which is the top watched in the United States according to the figure below. Since … read more