Bedwetting Solution for Children

Do you have a child who suffers from bedwetting?

Bedwetting or urinary incontinence (enuresis) is common in children. It happens when a child cannot control his or her urination. It can be accidental and can happen throughout the night or even during the day.

Pediatricians explain that a child should know how to control their bladder while growing up. But based on studies, bedwetting occurs slightly in boys than girls and mostly starts at the age of 5. Most cases of bedwetting is nocturnal or usually happens at night.

I know as parent, we potty train our toddlers and teach them how to use the toilet but this condition of uncontrolled urination are sometimes caused by the genes.

Doctors said there is a possibility that one of the family member, the parent or a close relative also experienced urinary incontinence during their childhood. In addition, bedwetting maybe because of poor hormonal function that helps to regulate urination. In some cases, having a small bladder is the culprit.

At times, this condition results to having low self-confidence in children. However, the good news here is bedwetting can be treated. Besides, there are products that can help the parent and their child who suffers from urinary incontinence to feel at ease while sleeping.

While our child is undergoing treatment, we can buy waterproof pads for kids or let them sleep in a waterproof bedding.

The benefits of having waterproof pads for kids are as follows:

1) The child need not to wear diapers while sleeping.

2) The waterproof backed pad is absorbent and is always in place.

3) The waterproof pad is easy to remove.

4) It is washable and easy to clean too.

Having waterproof bedding or pad is very practical than letting your child sleep in his smelly bed. I bet, your child will have a good night sleep and when they do they will overcome stress too.