Shifting to Healthy Holiday Meals

Christmas season just comes once a year. This is the time where family members gather over leisurely meal that makes the Holidays also the season of sumptuous foods.
Our traditional Noche Buena foods consists of Lechon or roasted pork, Ox tail Kare-Kare, Morcon, Barbeque, Pancit Canton or spaghetti and my brother-in-laws specialty, Sisig. Cakes, ice cream, Sapin-Sapin and fruit salad for desserts are always present too.
I know these foods are high in cholesterol and sadly, I need to avoid serving these foods this time because of hubby’s health and yes, for our own good too.
I guess I may not totally avoid serving some of our traditional Noche Buena foods, rather I should try reinventing it for a healthier options.
Since this is the first time I’m shifting to a healthier Noche Buena recipes I have to complete my what-to-cook list.
1) Lechon or roaster pork can be replaced by Skinless Baked Chicken. Taking off the chicken skin lessens the intake of saturated fat that is risky for developing heart disease.
2) Instead of Ox tail, I’ll be shifting to vegetable Kare-Kare. Yes, no meat, just fresh vegetables.
3) Sisig can still be a house specialty using bangus meat instead of pork head.
4) Morcon can be replaced with Steamed Lapu-Lapu with mayonnaise or Baked Salmon.
5) Traditional Spaghetti can be served using tuna or maybe I’ll shift to Pesto Pasta.
6) More fruits for desserts instead of making sweet salads or should I go for vegetable salad? Well, I know how to prepare Lumpiang Sariwa and my kids, niece and nephews also appreciated it.
I believe this is enough for the moment. I still need to budget. I’ll just think of the “other” things or healthy foods (I forgot) to serve if I have extra money to spend.
Can give me other suggestions for a healthy holiday meals? Thank you and have a Happy Healthy Holiday!
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3 comments on “Shifting to Healthy Holiday Meals

  1. It’s a good idea to shift to healthier alternatives for holiday meals to avoid unnecessary fats and sicknesses after the holiday rush haha

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