Bored? Explore New Things and Do Some Workshop

They say your hands are always full if you are a mother. Well, somehow, it is true, but I believe that being a mom, doesn’t mean you are already limited to do whatever makes you happy as a person.

I am not stuck doing household chores because I am also a career woman and if you think these make my daily life crowded, well certainly not.

As a matter of fact, this blogging stuff is another part of me that I enjoy doing. Having a virtual world and meet friends worldwide or in person when time permits it are awesome perks of blogging life.

Though I admit, even if I have a lot of things to do daily, I still get bored and I always want to learn new things. So what are the other things that eases my boredom? My camera.

To learn more about my new passion, I seek and ask friends who are into photography. And to further explore, I decided to attend photography workshop with fellow bloggers.

I know that photography workshop are costly but I am a mom who does the budgeting in the house, so I am wise enough to choose which is affordable for my tiny pocket and just just perfect for my hectic schedule.

Since I am not a pro, I always take it easy and tries to learn for free by browsing the web. But the actual workshop is also a different experience. Good thing, Techne offers a pocket-friendly Photography Workshop. For only P600 you can learn about:
-The basics of DSLR
-Aperture – Shutter Speed – ISO
-Depth of Field
BONUS: Basic photo manipulating and editing

You can also learn photography tricks and tips and practice with actual model. Plus, enjoy a pastry buffet of Paulette’s while you’re doing what you love.

This is great for a starter like me.

Interested? You can visit Techne on Facebook or keep in touch with  Nizza Gueco on Facebook or email her at

And yes, Techne also offers what every woman loves – (affordable) Make-up Workshop…check it all out here.

So now, are you bored? Why not join the workshop, make new friends and learn new things to ease that boredom?




9 comments on “Bored? Explore New Things and Do Some Workshop

  1. Same here sis, when I got bored and I am out of topic to blog, my camera is my outlet. Hahahaha….#Selfie moment…hahahahaha…but I love to try PHOTOGRAPHY also, but need to buy nice camera for that, I am just using my mobile cam in my #selfie thingy.

  2. That’s pretty affordable for everything that is included in the workhop, are you going? Can you update us with details? Also, for that makeup workshop, I’m very very interested.

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