Budget-Wise Games for a Kiddie Party

Kids already call it a party when there are cake, hotdog or marshmallow on sticks, pansit bihon or spaghetti on the table. Simple as it may seem but children are happy seeing these classic foods during their birthday, right?

And to make the party complete even without too much decors or party favors, Pinoys usually add games that kids would enjoy.

I’d like to share to you these common, “effortless” and budget-wise games to brighten up your kids birthday. I’m sure these games will bring back your childhood party memories too 🙂

1) Stop Dance

All you need is a radio/karaoke or for the modern and techies – the iPod, iPad or any cellphones will do. (No money to shell-out)

How to do it?

Let the kids dance to the beat and when the music stops, they should also stop dancing. You can do it the other way around when the music is played the kids should not move but when the music stops they have to start dancing. Every contestant who will be caught moving shall be out of the game and the only one who will remain shall win the game.

Photo is from parentsquare.com

Photo is from parentsquare.com

2) Paper Dance

You need old newspapers and radio, iPod. (No need to cash out because old newspaper are free)

How to do it?

Each pair of kids should dance when the music is played and stops when there’s none. The pair should step on the newspaper area without their feet crossing the paper boundary. Every time a pair is taken out of the game, the newspaper is folded until only a foot fits  the newspaper. The partners who can prolong standing in just one foot inside the newspaper area shall win the game.

Photo from www.washingtonpost.com

Photo from www.washingtonpost.com

3) Flour Game

Each contestant should have a bowl or cup of equally measured flour. A quarter kilo of  flour only costs P15.00 in the market.

The game may begin with a whistle. Each contestant should blow as hard as they could to empty the bowl of flour. The first to make his bowl clean shall win the game.

To make it funnier, wipe the face of each contestant with a damp cloth.

Photo is from sugponline

Photo is from sugponline

4) Relay Games

You need spoons, 2 pieces calamansi (P1.00 each) or egg. (P5.00 each)


Group the kids into two. Each groups should have 5 members (more or less). Every member should have a spoon where they can put the calamansi or egg. From a certain point, each member should walk around a chair (or a person) before relaying the calamansi or egg on his/her teammates spoon.

Remember, touching the calamansi, egg while walking around and transferring it on the teammate’s spoon is prohibited. The first team who finishes the race with flaws shall win the game.

5) Paagaw

All you need are candies and coins, play money or plastic coins will also do. (A hundred peso coins will do and candies worth P70.00 can make kids happy)

Gather the kids at the center and simply throw a handful of candies, goodies or coins in any direction.

I hope these simple games make your kids birthday more exciting despite the tight budget.

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13 comments on “Budget-Wise Games for a Kiddie Party

  1. Filipinos’ way of organizing a program for kiddie parties are really entertaining, it is no wonder we are good with events and social gatherings as well. we are so good entertainers! 🙂

  2. i miss all this games we did this back in singapore during my daughter’s bday! and we tried to teach those foriegn friends of my daughter to play this kind of games too and the trip to jerusalem which they love!

  3. These are as far as I know the common parlor games for the kids and the kids really enjoy participating in this kind of games. We usually use them every time our school has an activity like Christmas party.

  4. Oh my! I remember these games as I myself attended lots of children’s parties as a kid.
    They sure bring back lots of them, as always, children can laugh wholeheartedly.
    I remember how I drain all my energy just because of too much playing with other kids.

  5. The most popular game in our family is the stop dance. It is often played during celebrations and everyone can participate and have fun. 😀

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