Buying a car in the post-pandemic era

Nowadays, owning a car is a necessity and not considered a luxury anymore. For the yuppies out there who have been hitching rides from friends or facing the daily commuting jungle, I would say that buying a car now would be the best time to do it.  Hard to believe, right? But let me prove to you otherwise. 

Safety seal. As we are moving towards the almost-post-pandemic era, we cannot discount the fact that the risk of getting exposed to Covid-19 still exist. Travelling in your own car is still the best and safest way to travel versus taking public commute.  The hassle of waiting in long lines and braving the crowds will surely not be missed. Since we are talking about safety, you and your family’s health is still with the utmost importance at this time!

Best Car Deals Ever. Competing car brands are now offering the best value for money offers to car buyers. With the dawn of new brands coming in the market, most car dealerships are now giving out the most flexible plans with low-interest rates. Check to see how much you will shell out monthly for your dream car.

Just recently, the same car I bought a couple of months back is now  100k less. What can you say about that? Not to mention the new and cool features of the car models being rolled out recently: parking assist, 360 degree cameras, high tech dashboards, elegant designs. Need I say more?

Fuel efficiency. When buying cars, calculating your fuel budget is also important. While it’s true that the price of gas has been skyrocketing for the past few months, technological advancement in car manufacturing make cars operate more efficiently and effectively. “Eco” mode, which is very common in cars, regulates power output and lowers fuel consumption.  When buying cars, calculating your fuel budget is also important.

Travel goals. Although public utility vehicles are slowly returning back in operation, there is still a limit in public transportation. And this is not the best time to miss out on Elyu, Tanay and Baguio! No mileage limit that is. Travelling indeed is great for relieving stress and improves your general outlook in life. Just imagine the amount of Tiktok videos you can make!

Buying a car can be challenging, but with all things considered, the joy and perks of having one truly enables us to enjoy life more.