Get your birth or marriage certificate via PSAHelpline

Today, we are living the new normal and a lot has changed since the pandemic began. Our busy life suddenly slowed down when the whole world focused on managing, if not containing the coronavirus.

On the other hand, the pandemic helped the government improve their online services for the sake of the public and the economy to continue to grow. One good example is the Philippine Statistics Authority. Three years ago, I was struggling to go to their office in Pureza, Sta. Mesa, Manila to obtain a copy of my birth certificate and marriage certificate. I have to wait and spend an hour or two in line. Luckily, I read from Mommy Bloggers Philippines about the PSA Helpline. Now, I don’t have to travel and fall in line to get my document. l just need my phone or laptop and internet connection to transact my PSA online application and have my document delivered at home for only P365. Such convenience for people like me who worked in the corporate world and still juggle some household chores plus other business.

By the way, it only took me more or less than 10 minutes to finish my transaction on a Saturday using my mobile phone.

I started my PSA birth certificate online application by following these simple steps.

1. Browse

2. Choose your certificate

3. Fill-up the information

4. State your purpose

5. Choose payment option and pay

There are many ways to pay for your transaction. I opt to use Gcash since I am using ng cellphone at the moment.

After paying, I received an email confirming my transaction and payment.

As I said, I made my PSA online application on a Saturday and I received the document by Wednesday, exactly 3 days as the PSA service stated.

What I also like about the PSA online transaction, aside from the convenience is the security. Why? The courier will not give your document to somebody else. You will receive a notification via text message when they are about to deliver the certificate. The courier will also check your identification before handing the certificate to you.

If you are in need of birth, marriage and death certificates or even Certificate of no marriage (Cenomar) better avail of PSAHelpline service.

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  1. Malaking tulong po talaga itong PSAHelpline . Mas Convenient at hassle-free po ito ng pagkuha ng ating mga pertinent PSA documents kasi thru online na ito at door-to-door delivery pa !

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