Covid-19 Crisis Lesson: Be Prepared in Life

We were all stunned by the coronavirus disease. It spreaded so fast and made our world turned 360 degrees or shall I say, it stopped us from our once busy lives. It’s scary, for we do not know how to prevent the virus. What we were doing now were only precautionary measure to avoid being infected.

COVID-19 crisis was far from over but it has taught me more about life. As Forrest Gump poignanty said, “Life was like a box of chocolate. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get.”

While on quarantine, I thought of the things that I have and I need, only those essential things that will help me if ever a crisis like this will happen again. From the basic things like food, I also realized it’s better to have enough money and have an insurance – money to buy necessities and insurance, so my loved ones will not be indebted if ever something bad happens to me.

With the meager salary I earned monthly, how will I do it? Maybe I will change my lifestyle and try to increase my savings by 25% while investing another 25% on insurance.

You see, even though the government shoulders the Covid-19 patients bill through Philhealth, it is still not enough. Last I read on the news, the government will pay patients billing up to April 13 only. So it is really important to have health insurance too. Even if it’s not about the coronavirus, there are fortuitous things that can occur right? Should I also get malpractice insurance? I may sound absurd, but this is life.

Luckily, I already have death care plan and I am now thinking of investing in memorial plan. There were so many things occupying my mind now. I pray that this pandemic will be over soon and I can still prepare myself of what life has to offer.