Disney’s Frozen II themed Photobook

In less than 10 days, we already received our Photobook. Yehey!

Kiat could not contain her excitement when she opened the parcel and saw her Frozen II themed Photobook.

It’s a 6×6 Mini Square Imagewrap Hardcover Photobook.

Kiat shared her Photobook with her friends while they chat online. I even heard her dictating the website and helping her best friend download the Photobook app.

She also told her Dad that she likes to customize our pictures from our Korea trip and Boracay trip last February.

That’s a great idea to keep her busy during this quarantine. Besides, Photobook has ongoing promo for 8×8 Imagewrap Hardcover.

Plus, I got an idea what to give for the coming Father’s Day celebration – a personalized mug!

It’s easy ordering products at Photobook, just download their app and start making a copy of your precious memories.