Gearing up for a Road Trip after Quarantine

We are looking forward for the government’s announcement on the easing of quarantine protocols in the coming days. From general community quarantine, we are hoping to be downgraded to modified general community quarantine phase.

What makes us more excited about it? Restrictions in traveling to other places will be lifted and other means of transporation will be available to the public.

While hoping on its implementation, we are gearing up our car to make sure for a smooth travel to the beach. I remember what happened during our travel last December. Our tire got busted but thanks to Best Buy Auto Bendpak auto lift for the service.

Here are some tips for safe road travel.

  1. Battery – make sure your car battery is working so you won’t get stuck on the side of the road.
  2. Lights – auto lights is a safety must-have during travel. Have it cleaned or fixed before traveling.
  3. Oil – make sure you have enough oil to lubricate all engine components. Avoid having oil leaks too.
  4. Water – regularly check water in your radiator and please have extra water for your auto for emergency purposes
  5. Brake – check if your brake is working properly before going on a long drive
  6. Air – check your tire if it is properly inflated.
  7. Gas – make sure your gas tank is always full and better have extra fuel in your car. Avoid the hassle when you ran out of fuel especially in a remote area where no gasoline stations are available.
  8. Engine – if possible before your long travel, have your car checked by a mechanic.
  9. Tires – always carry a spare tire in your road trip. Replace wornout tires too.
  10. Self – make sure you are ready to drive and you have your car documents with you when you travel.

For doing each of the 10 on this list, an Auto Lift is necessary in order to get the vehicle in the air.  Lots of the mechanic use these car lifts for servicing people’s cars for them.  All vehicle lifts are different and vary in sizes and purposes.

I know many are longing to hit the road, visit the country side and enjoy the beach. We just have to be prepared because we will get there in time.