Easy Way To Secure Your Baby, Plus A Free Insurance!

September 2014 was such a blessing to us – we have two new babies in the family! They were not twins, my sister gave birth two weeks later after our younger brother’s wife did and now these babies brought a lot of joy in the house.

These babies have different lives but their parents have a common goal – to have financial security. They want their babies protected.  I know it’s not easy being a new parent because it means having your littlest loved one depend on you for everything and getting security at the same time is tough.

That is why when I learned about Manulife Philippines latest product offer, I insisted my sister and brother to join the Bundle of Joy community.

Why? Because Manulife Philippines has now made life insurance more accessible through its “Bundle of Joy” advocacy.


Manulife President and CEO Ryan Charland with the kids.

“Manulife’s Bundle of Joy is part of our continued advocacy to reach, secure and protect as many Filipino families as possible,” said Ryan Charland, President and Chief Executive Officer, Manulife Philippines.

“Financial protection should be in every new or expectant parent’s checklist as the first step towards securing their family’s future. Through Manulife’s Bundle of Joy, we want to make it easy for parents to access life insurance coverage by having them register online and become part of a community that can support their responsibility as parents.”


Anyone who wants to build a more secure future for themselves and their family is invited to be a part of Manulife’s Bundle of Joy community by signing up to www.manulifebundleofjoy.com.ph.

Expectant moms and dads, and parents of children under one year of age are entitled to a FREE one-year term life insurance coverage worth PhP 100,000. Furthermore, everyone who registers online can also access good reads and helpful tips from experts, join various promotions and win exciting prizes and freebies.

How to join/access Manulife Bundle of Joy community?

1. Go to the Bundle of Joy website at www.manulifebundleofjoy.com.ph
2. At the landing page, click on the “Register Now” or “Sign Up Now” button
3. Fill out the fields under Account Registration
4. Click on the “Sign Up” button
5. You are now a member of the Manulife Bundle of Joy community!

To avail of the free life insurance coverage:
1. Perform steps 1 to 3 above.
2. For expectant parents or parents with a child below one year old, click the button “Yes, I would like to claim my
free insurance”
3. Accept the Terms and Conditions
4. You are now covered.

To know more about Manulife’s Bundle of Joy, visit www.manulifebundleofjoy.com.ph or like Manulife Philippines’ Facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/ManulifePH.



30 comments on “Easy Way To Secure Your Baby, Plus A Free Insurance!

  1. Most people are shooing away from this insurance stuff. Medyo nadala na sa mga previous bad reputations of some Insurance companies. Still, planning for kids secured future financial stability is one aspect parents must deeply look into.

  2. Wow, knowing that this is free, I will surely head over to the website and register my kids. Thanks for sharing this awesome opportunity.

  3. so this bundle of joy plan is a life insurance or medical/health insurance? imo, i feel that medical and health insurance is actually more important (and basic) than life plans. especially for those living in countries with high medical cost.

  4. Wow, I am amazed to hear there are such noble initiatives as Manulife’s Bundle of Joy that is part of the programme aiming to secure and protect as many Filipino families as possible. Too bad there are no such programs in my country.

  5. Securing the baby is always the top priority of every parent, most especially the mommies. This post surely helps lots of your readers who already got their own babies.

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