Escalator and Kid’s Safety

Most kids like riding the escalator when inside the mall or supermarkets. This moving staircase is an attraction to them.

My 2-year old daughter loves to ride the escalator and she’s never scared at all unlike some kids who even cry or wanted to be carried by their parents when using the escalator. Let’s admit we were also like these kids in the good old days.

But parents or elders should be alert when riding the escalator with the kids. Accidents happen in moving staircase in a blink of an eye. And most often, the children are the victims so we should never take escalators for granted.

Just recently in the news, a 7-year old boy was hurt when his hand gets stuck in the escalator inside a supermarket in Caloocan City. His aunt said she brought the child with him so he can play in the supermarket’s play area.

Reports stated that he’s riding the escalator when he allegedly tripped and gets his hand stuck. It took more or less than 4 hours before the child was released to safety and brought in the nearest hospital.

This incident should be a lesson not only for kids but also to the parents or the elders. And when riding an escalator parents and children should observe these safety tips to prevent accidents or injuries.

1) Hold the child’s hand when riding the escalator. We often see a sign for this on the escalator side glass.

2) Hold on the handrail and face forward.

3) Don’t let your kid sit on the escalator steps.

4) Don’t let your kid step on the side and slide their shoe on it while the other foot is on the escalator step. Admit it, sometimes elders also do this.

5) Always check your kid’s shoelaces. If it is loose then tighten it before riding the escalator.

6) If you wear long or loose clothes, hold it carefully.

7) If you have a cart with you, aside from your child or children, better use the elevator than escalator.

8) Always remember, that the escalator has emergency shutoff button. Press it to stop the escalator during emergency.

Well, we don’t know when accidents will happen but parents or the elders should be responsible for our children when outside the home. Of course, there are other people who service security but beyond that, we are the ones who should give more attention security and safety for our children.







13 comments on “Escalator and Kid’s Safety

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Just recently, we had a tragic event that happened. So sad. I hope the parents would be extra careful this time..

  2. I will share this with my friends with Tots. Sometimes when I am in the mall and I see parents with little kids in tow, I get scared for the little kids the way their parents ignore the safety precautions when riding the escalator.:(

  3. When I saw that horrible image of a young girl stuck on the elevator, I always make sure that my daughter is at the middle everytime we’re on an escalator

  4. After hearing stories from my friends about their Crocs escalator accidents, I always remind my kids to stand properly and stay in the middle of the escalator step whenever we ride them.

  5. Thanks for the tips! I have a five year old niece, who we always remind to watch herself when climbing the first step of the escalator. []

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