Everything is Within Reach with Samsung Digital Appliances

Samsung surprised moms and kids with a special Saturday morning treat along with the launching of their latest product – the  Food Showcase Refrigerator.

Known for its expertise in product innovation, Samsung offers another great appliances with unique concepts that help consumers achieve a more enjoyable, happier and efficient home.

Renowned Filipino couple chef and Samsung Digital ambassadors, Rolando and Jackie Laudico, helped moms and guests understand how  the new refrigerator and oven works. They explained how Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator and Samsung Smart Oven helped them serve fresh and deliciously cooked foods at Guevarra’s Restaurant.

Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator is beautifully designed  for modern lifestyle customers. It allows us to stock more food and drinks in an organized manner. It has solid metal finish with metal cooling guard and all-around cooling system that evenly distributes cold air inside the fridge to ensure long lasting freshness of the foods.

Aside from being durable, the food showcase refrigerator is energy efficient because it has Digital Inverter compressor with 10 year warranty.

Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator

Unique as it is, Samsung Ref is a fridge within a fridge! Yes, you read it right. It’s a two-door refrigerator but with another showcase door inside. The part of the refrigerator with the built-in ice and water dispenser on its door, serves as the freezer to store meat, ice cream and other cold products.


Freezer and ice and water dispenser

The other door features a showcase for water, juices, milk that can be easily reached.


First showcase is good for liquids, like water, juices, sauces etc.

The exciting part is you can still open the showcase to reach the Inner Case with shelves and compartment that are intended for long lasting products like vegetables, snacks and other food items.

Food Showcase

A first of its kind indeed! You can buy Samsung Showcase Refrigerator (with ice and water dispenser ) for P139,000 but if you prefer the basic model (without the ice and water dispenser) it is P129,000.


Now about the Samsung Smart Oven. It has stainless body and handle display. The oven boasts its 15 general features that includes auto cook, auto steam cook, sensor cook, grill heater.

            Using Smart Oven kids baked and cooked like a pro with Chef Lau and Chef Jackie.
baking with smart oven

Smart Oven costs around P13,000.00

Chef Jackie and kids

Chef Jackie and kids baking some healthy snacks.

Chef Lau and kids

Chef Lau and curious little chefs to be

Chef Lau smart oven

Chef Lau frying egg in Smart Oven

Why Samsung Smart Oven?

  • Samsung Smart Oven have Slim Fry Technology so you can fry without using oil. Combining the grill function and warm air circulation, food is cooked fried outside and flavorful on the inside.
  • Its advanced fermentation function  provides pre-programmed settings that will help you create fresh made dough or healthy yogurt anytime of the day at the touch of a button.
  • The grill function helps cook roasted chicken evenly
  • The smooth, non-stick ceramic interior makes it easy to clean and it won’t scratch or discolor over time
  • Power consumption is 700 watts (microwave)
    • kiatmayaandchefs

      Kiat and Maya with Couple Chefs Rolando and Jackie Laudico


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  1. I trust that every item that Samsung produces is good. The Samsung Smart Oven is a good investment to have in the kitchen. It’s like a super-power appliance with all the automatic and innovative features.

  2. I’ve seen this fridge and I was amazed on how it can store tons of food and it’s perfect for our family! But we also have a big fridge right now and I think it’s enough for the moment but if I were to choose, I would love to have this fridge to be in our house. It’s perfect!

  3. Wow I’m so behind the times! This is amazing technology from Samsung! But what do you expect, they really are the innovators of the world.

    Who does not love to own that fridge? But it comes with a hefty price though.

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